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Baldwin B342 CHY 43'' French Provincial
Upright Piano

Baldwin B342/B42 Designer Console Piano

The Baldwin B342 Acrosonic is a decorator-style console piano that has consistently remained one of the company’s most popular models since its introduction in 1936. The scale design of Baldwin’s Acrosonic Consoles is based on more than 100 years of quality piano construction methods, offering classic styling and excellent performance that will perfectly fit your décor. 

Grand Piano

The Baldwin BP148 Grand Piano

Baldwin's new Professional Series has a piano for all budgets and every requirement, and the BP148 makes a great case in point. If you always wanted a genuine grand piano of unparalleled Baldwin quality but thought you didn't quite have the space to accommodate one, the new BP148 just might be the answer to your dreams.

Upright Piano

The Baldwin B252

Concert Vertical

If you’re looking for the voice of a concert grand in a smaller body then look no further than Baldwin’s Concert Vertical Model B252.

The B252 is the newest version of Baldwin’s largest upright piano and provides as much total soundboard area as a 6'3" grand.

The Baldwin B252 is the best in its class.

Grand Piano

The Baldwin BP152 Grand Piano

Baldwin’s new Professional Series has a piano for every requirement – and budget – and the BP152 is no exception. If space is at a premium but you still demand world-class tone and design, the Baldwin BP152 fits the bill perfectly. At exactly 5'0", the BP152 is one of the smallest grand pianos in the series, but its compact dimensions never equate to a downsized sound.

Upright Piano

The Baldwin BP5

Upright Piano

With its timeless elegance and versatile sound and performance, Baldwin’s BP5 is the perfect piano for situations that require vertical dimensions, but desire grand-like tone. The BP5 boasts nearly as much soundboard area as a 5'8" grand, to provide maximum tonal depth with vertical convenience, while looking great in the process.

Grand Piano

The Baldwin BP190 Grand Piano

Baldwin’s new Professional Series has a superb sounding grand piano to suit every budget and every room. The BP190 is an impressive grand styled to fit where a concert grand might feel a little cramped, while still being equipped to deliver uncompromising world-class Baldwin tone in the process.

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